Development of a Low-Pressure Fluidic Servo-valve for Wearable Haptic Interfaces and Lightweight Robotic Systems
Michele Folgheraiter, Mathias Jordan, Luis Manuel Vaca Benitez, Felix Grimminger, Steffen Schmidt, Jan Albiez, Frank Kirchner
Editors: Andrade Cetto Juan Ferrier, Jean-Louis, Filipe Joaquim
In Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics, Springer, series Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, volume 89, pages 239-253, 2011. ISBN: 978-3-642-19538-9.

Abstract :

This document presents a low-pressure servo-valve specifically designed for haptic interfaces and lightweight robotic applications. The device is able to work with hydraulic and pneumatic fluidic sources, operating within a pressure range of (0 - 50 x 10^5Pa). All sensors and electronics were integrated inside the body of the valve, reducing the need for external circuits. Positioning repeatability as well as the capability to fine modulate the hydraulic flow were measured and verified. Furthermore, the static and dynamic behavior of the valve were evaluated for different working conditions, and a non-linear model identified using a recursive Hammerstein-Wiener parameter adaptation algorithm.

Keywords :

Proportional Valve, Hydraulic Valve, Pneumatic Valve, Mechatronics, Pressure Control, Servo-Mechanism

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