A highly integrated low pressure fluid servo-valve for applications in wearable robotic systems
Michele Folgheraiter, Mathias Jordan, Luis Manuel Vaca Benitez, Felix Grimminger, Steffen Schmidt, Jan Albiez
In Proceedings of 7th International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics, (ICINCO-2010), 15.6.-18.6.2010, Madeira, o.A., Jun/2010.

Abstract :

In this paper an innovative low pressure proportional valve is presented. The device was designed with the main aim to be easily integrated into complex hydraulic/pneumatic actuation systems, and to operate at relatively low pressure (< 50 · 105Pa). Characteristics like compactness, lightweight, high bandwidth, and autonomous sensory capability, where considered during the design process, this in order to achieve a device that fulfill the basic requirements for a wearable robotic system. Preliminary results about the prototype performances are presented here, in particular its dynamic behavior was measured in different working conditions, and a non-linear model identified using a recursive Hammerstein-Wiener parameter adaptation algorithm.

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