Smart Communication in a Wired Sensort- and Actuator-Network of a Modular Robot Actuator System using a Hop-Protocol with Delta Routing
Stefan Bosse, Dirk Lehmhus
In Proceedings of SMART SYSTEMS INTEGRATION 2010, (SSI-2010), 23.3.-24.3.2010, Como, o.A., Mar/2010.

Abstract :

Communication gains impact with increasing miniaturization and densities in sensor- and actuator networks, especially in the context of robotics and sensorial materials. System-On-Chip design on Register-Transfer-Logic (RTL) level using FPGA and ASIC technologies enables 1. small sized integration of sensors and data processing units (DPU) scaled down to one-chip designs using ASIC- and MEMS technology, and 2. satisfies low power requirements, required especially for high-density sensor networks sourced by environmental energy (energy harvesting).

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