A Multi-Layered Controller Approach for High Precision End-Effector Control of Hydraulic Underwater Manipulator Systems
Marc Hildebrandt, Jochen Kerdels, Jan Albiez
In OCEANS 09 MTS / IEEE Biloxi - Marine Technology for Our Future: Global and Local Challenges, (OCEANS-09), 26.10.-29.10.2009, Biloxi, o.A., Oct/2009. ISBN: 978-1-4244-4960-6.

Abstract :

This paper presents a multi layered control architecture for hydraulic deep-sea manipulators. The proposed architecture is implemented on a Schilling Robotics Orion7P manipulator as example for a widely used deep-sea manipulator. In a number of experiments the improved precision of the new controller is shown. As application example for this improved precision the automated plugging of a deep-sea connector was evaluated and implemented.

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