A unified energy-based haptic model for a non-rigid object
Sang-Youn Kim, YoonSang Kim, Yong-Ho Yoo
In The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers IEICE Electronics Express, Tokyo Institute of Technology, volume 6, pages 382-388, Apr/2009.

Abstract :

While we speak of the haptic model, we are still limited to a mass-spring representation or an FEM. This Paper proposes a unified model which haptically renders an object without reference to its material property in an energy domain. Furthermore, we develope a 3D mouse type haptic interface prototype for evaluating the proposed method. We first represent a simple 1D object with the proposed method and extend it to 2D deformable object. We experiment with a virtual object of size 20x20 elements to verify that our approach conveys stable haptic sensation to users.

Keywords :

haptic model, unified approach, energy-based representation

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