Robust Vision-Based Semi-Autonomous Underwater Manipulation
Marc Hildebrandt, Jochen Kerdels, Jan Albiez, Frank Kirchner
Editors: Burgard, Wolfram, Dillmann, Rüdiger, Plagemann, Christian, Vahrenkamp, Nikolaus
In The 10th International Conference on Intelligent Autonomous Systems, (IAS-2008), 23.7.-25.7.2008, Baden-Baden, IOS Press, pages 308-315, 2008. ISBN: 978-1-58603.

Abstract :

The increasing demand for deep sea resources induces an increased amount of robotic technology to work in this harsh environment. In this paper we present a visual servoing approach to release the strain on operators controlling the currently used remotely operated vehicles, by giving them the possibility to hand some of the tasks over to a semi-autonomous control system. The paper deals with the basic control of a commercially available 7 degrees of freedom hydraulic manipulator, the 3D camera system used and the object recognition and visual servoing control. The presented approach focuses heavily on robustness to augment the acceptance with the offshore industry.

Keywords :

Underwater Robotics, Visual Servoing, Dexterous Manipulation, Control, Kinematics

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