From telepresence to autonomous systems
Steffen Planthaber, Daniel Kuehn, Kerstin Rohde, Christian Hartberger
In at Automatisierungstechnik, De Gruyter Wissenschaftsverlag, volume 70, number 10, pages 912-917, Oct/2022.

Abstract :

Robots and industrial vehicles are becoming more and more autonomous. Currently, the robots are not able to carry out all tasks autonomously, but the number of those tasks is increasing. Semi- autonomous robots are changing the requirements of control stations for their surveillance and control. These new technologies will provide the possibility to have a single operator command and supervise multiple (semi-) autonomous systems. This requires new control stations, which support remote control and also commanding autonomous actions, like executing a movement command to a specific position. Here, we provide a concept that combines classic and future control stations, that can already be used with the current state of the art in robotics.

Keywords :

Robotics, Remote Control, Control Station




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