Human-centered AI and robotics
Stephane Doncieux, Raja Chatila, Sirko Straube, Frank Kirchner
In AI Perspectives, Springer Nature, volume 4, number 1, pages 1-14, Jan/2022.

Abstract :

Robotics has a special place in AI as robots are connected to the real world and robots increasingly appear in humans everyday environment, from home to industry. Apart from cases were robots are expected to completely replace them, humans will largely benefit from real interactions with such robots. This is not only true for complex interaction scenarios like robots serving as guides, companions or members in a team, but also for more predefined functions like autonomous transport of people or goods. More and more, robots need suitable interfaces to interact with humans in a way that humans feel comfortable and that takes into account the need for a certain transparency about actions taken. The paper describes the requirements and state-of-the-art for a human-centered robotics research and development, including verbal and non-verbal interaction, understanding and learning from each other, as well as ethical questions that have to be dealt with if robots will be included in our everyday environment, influencing human life and societies.

Keywords :

AI, Human-centered, Robotics, Human robot interaction




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