Phobos: A tool for creating complex robot models
Kai von Szadkowski, Simon Reichel
In Journal of Open Source Software, The Open Journal, Journal of Open Source Software, volume 5, number 45, pages 1326, Jan/2020.

Abstract :

The rise of task specific requirements for robots leads to an increasing complexity of theaffiliated system. To ensure a seamless, simulation based development of both hard- and soft-ware a virtual twin is necessary, which is able to reflect different aspects of the mechatronicsystem. Most description formats for these systems are based onXML(eXtensibleMarkupLanguage), which encodes the necessary data for simulation, e.g. mechanical structure, in-ertial data, visual and collision representations. However, the initial modeling or continuousrefinement of the model based on design iterations, sensor and actor integration can be a timeconsuming, challenging task for the modeler. Also, tiny mistakes in the model description canlead to huge differences in the modeled system. With increasing model complexity the modelfiles become even more difficult to debug.

last updated 28.02.2023
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