SFB TR8 (A6) - ReactiveSpace

Hybrid Learning Architecture for Spatial Recognition, Representation and Navigation

Scientific Leader:
Project leader:
Dr.-Ing. Yohannes Kassahun
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The SFB/TR8-[ReactiveSpace] project is concerned with the development of a hybrid learning architecture for spatial cognition based on the principles of embodied cognition. The architecture will be used in order to gain a fundamental understanding of higher levels of cognition, communication, and interaction with other agents. Moreover, the project seeks to experimentally determine the importance of proprioceptive and exteroceptive information in recognizing, classifying, and representing the environment in which the agent lives and operates. For achieving the goals of the project, we will use our complex legged robot, which possesses a rich repertoire of sensor and motor abilities.

Duration: 01.02.2007 till 29.02.2008
Donee: University of Bremen
Sponsor: DFG German Research Foundation
Application Field: Assistance- and Rehabilitation Systems
Related Robots: SPOT

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