1. Holistic Visual Homing Methods / 2. Cognitronics: Resource-efficient Architectures for Cognitive Systems

1. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Möller, Bielefeld University

Titel: Holistic Visual Homing Methods

Abstract: Holistic methods for robot visual homing are an alternative to the ubiquitous feature-based methods. The presentation gives an overview of the so far most successful class of holistic homing methods where panoramic images are compared pixel by pixel to determine the relative pose information between capture points. One method of this class, MinWarping, is explained in more detail, and its application to the control of floor cleaning robots is outlined.

2. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Rückert, Bielefeld University

Titel: Cognitronics: Resource-efficient Architectures for Cognitive Systems

Abstract: In mapping brain-like structures and processes into electronic substrates has recently seen a revival with the availability of deep-submicron CMOS technology. The basic idea is to exploit the massive parallelism of such circuits and to create low power and fault-tolerant information-processing systems. Aiming at overcoming the big challenges of deep-submicron CMOS technology (power wall, reliability, and design complexity), bio-inspiration offers alternative ways to (embedded) artificial intelligence. The challenge is to understand, design, build, and use new architectures for nanoelectronic systems, which unify the best of brain-inspired information processing concepts and of nanotechnology hardware, including both algorithms and architectures. This talk will give an overview of our experiences in designing brain-inspired architectures for nanoelectronics.

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last updated 31.03.2023