Identification and control of vibrations of flexible - base mounted manipulators

In the past few decades robot manipulator has become one of the most versatile machines in industrial and scientific applications. Also, technological progress has allowed robot manipulators to become lighter, smaller and hence mountable on different robotic systems. Consequently, the functionality of any robotic structure can now be expanded by simply attaching a lightweight robotic manipulator to it. In general, a setup in which a robot manipulator is mounted on a non-rigid body is called a Flexible Structure Mounted Manipulator System or FSMS. FSMS have one major drawback – vibrations. These vibrations pose different problems such as end point precision and can also be devastating for example when dealing with nuclear waste or space robotics. This work will address the general problem of vibrations of FSMS. Questions regarding the nature, identification, possible approaches required in order to control the vibrations, are to be answered.


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last updated 31.03.2023