Design of a geological sampling module for terrestrial demonstration in an extraterrestrial exploration mission

Background of the thesis

TransTerrA is a project for the development of new space technologies at the Robotics Innovation Center (RIC) of the Deutsches Forschungsinstitut für Künstliche Intelligenz (DFKI). Within the scope of complex scenarios this technology should also be available for terrestrial tasks like the approach of ­- for humans - inaccessible regions. The focal point of the project is the interdependency of (semi-)autonomous robots in a logistics chain. This chain should serve for different tasks like the exploration of regions or the assembling of infrastructure.

In the TransTerrA project payload modules with divers fuctionalities will be applied in an extraterrestrial environment. The module for sample removal demonstrates the gleaning of geological samples within this scenario.



In regard to the TransTerrA project this bachelor thesis deals with the design and evaluation of a modul that is used for sample removal as a part of the logistical chain. Therefore, it is integrated in the framework for payload modules concerning the modularity and interfaces of the TransTerrA project. The steps of the procedures are:


  • Reworking and collecting of solutions for sampling in current space applications.
  • Abstraction of the functionality and mechanisms from "the state of the art" to this project.
  • Compiling the variations of possible solutions and selection of the best under the given conditions (electro-mechanical interface, manipulator etc.).
  • Elaboration of a detailled solution and documentation in addition to technical drawings.

Expected result of the thesis

Result of this work will be a constructive elaboration of the module explained above. Preconditions of the TransTerrA project itself, but also of space environments, have to be taken into account. A fabrication of the module should be possible afterwards.


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