Quality assurance - internal Boards

For the strategic development and quality assurance of software and hardware components, the Robotics Innovation Center has established the internal committees Software Board and Hardware Board. The Review Board is also responsible for the qualitative review of publications of the research area and the Robotics Working Group.

Software Board

The Software Board of the Robotics Innovation Center is a committee for the strategic development and quality assurance of the software components developed at the institute. The focus is on aspects such as standardization, reusability, transparency and the publication and licensing of the software. The Software Board fundamentally structures the software overviews and creates mechanisms and processes for assessing quality and usability. Indirectly, the Software Board also influences the work of the Software Backbone Team.

Steffen Planthaber (Speaker), Dr. Malte Langosz, Luis Octavio Arriaga Camargo, Fabian Maas genannt Bermpohl, Dr. Alexander Fabisch, Malte Wirkus

Review Board

The review board ensures that each publication written by researchers of the Robotics Innovation Center and the robotics research group of the University of Bremen will be reviewed internally. Such a review includes quality checks for the presented research, evaluation procedure, and presentation style.

Furthermore, the review board checks the credibility and quality of conferences and journals to prevent publication at predatory conferences and journals in particular.

Dr. Alexander Fabisch, Dr. Shivesh Kumar

Hardware Board

The Hardware Board is an interdisciplinary board that deals with the strategic development, quality assurance and standardization of hardware design and manufacturing in the field of electronics and mechanics. It provides guidelines for the development of components and systems. The aim is to harmonize and standardize processes and thus increase quality and reliability. Furthermore, it offers support by advising on new and further developments of individual components or systems in advance.
An important aspect of quality assurance is the recording and inventorying of components. For this purpose, the hardware board successively creates a database with classified electronics and mechanical components. The aim is to avoid unnecessary new developments, optimize existing components and standardize development strands. Further quality assurance measures are documentation guidelines. These include production plans, assembly, and maintenance instructions as well as life cycles. In addition, serial numbers are developed and provided by the Hardware Board to uniformly record important information and parameters of different components and to enable clear identification.

The work of the hardware board contributes to designing robots according to the modular principle. In this way, a system can be designed in advance with standardized components, which significantly improves the development process.

Benjamin Hülsen (Speaker), Dr. Florian Cordes, Niklas Mulsow, Patrick Schöberl, Tobias Stark, Marc Tabie, Pierre Willenbrock,

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