Toolbox for Energy Analysis and Simulation of self-powered Sensor Nodes
Stefan Bosse, Thomas Behrmann, Carolin Zschippig
In Proceedings of 55. IWK Internationales Wissenschaftliches Kolloquium, Workshop A3 Analysis and Synthesis to Energy Efficiency Optimisation, (IWK-10), 13.9.-17.9.2010, Ilmenau, o.A., Sep/2010.

Abstract :

As the numbers of available high performance but low-power embedded system rise, new application scenarios for tailored sensor systems get in reach to be implemented. In some cases battery powered or selfpowered systems are needed, e.g. in the context of wireless sensor networks. The question has to be considered, if the system has enough energy and always enough power to fulfil its task. Often the answer can only be given, in case the analysis is carried out in the context of the real application. A simulation on this will only be meaningful, if it describes the environmental condition of this context as well. Therefore we propose a simulation toolbox for energy and power analysis of independent sensor nodes. This presentation shows the foundations of a new simulation toolbox, a tool for designing modular sensor systems. The focus of this tool will be on the economic and efficient use of power and energy on the level of embedded systems.

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