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Knowledge4Retail: Presorting with the Digital Twin

What will the #retail of the future look like? In Knowledge4Retail (K4R), #DFKI and the project consortium led by team neusta GmbH are developing innovative #ai solutions for stationary retail. The core of the project is the K4R software platform, which creates a link between the digital and analog worlds. The platform enables novel AI applications using a digital representation of the retail store, the so-called semantic digital twin. The video shows one application of the K4R platform, intelligent presorting. Using information from the digital twin, the algorithm developed in the project can calculate the number of goods to be re-stocked based on shelf capacities, forecast sales, and optimize the stocking sequence. This avoids unnecessary goods movements and also ensures that the right products are replenished on the exact day before shelf gaps occur. In addition to shelf replenishment, the technology can also be used when, for example, employees pick goods for collection as part of click&collect. The optimization can reduce walking distances and relieve employees, leaving them more time for customer service. The application shows how artificial intelligence can help make stationary retail more attractive in order to remain competitive with online retail.

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last updated 23.05.2023