Wireless communication on the field following ISO 11783 for autonomous process planning and controlling of cooperating mobile agricultural machines
Christian Rusch, Max Reinecke, Hans-Peter Grothaus, Ludger Autermann, Ronny Hartanto, Emanuel Geogiew
In 69th International Conference on Agricultural Engineering LAND TECHNIK AgEng 2011, (AgEng-2011), 11.11.-12.11.2011, Hannover, o.A., Nov/2011.

Zusammenfassung (Abstract) :

In agriculture, improvements can be achieved when the various machines plan their processes on the field together and cooperate with one another. Due to changing environmental conditions and stochastic influences, a dynamic planning is required. This imposes special requirements on the exchanged variables, the latency, the format and the quality of information. This paper discusses possible cross-vendor wireless communication standards, data formats, communication scenarios, and autonomous process planning in the field of mobile agricultural machines. In particular, a communication concept for a dynamic planning system will be specified.

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