Vector Field Visualization in Oil Industry Applications

Vector fields are common products of physics simulations. Simulations over black-oil reservoirs, for instance, can generate oil, water and gas flow data. For better understanding of such data, it is interesting to use a visualization technique that allows better identification of both local characteristics and global tendencies.
This presentation focus on research conducted at the Computer Graphics Technology Group (Tecgraf/PUC-Rio) targeting the development of a general purpose technique for imaging 3D vector fields over arbitrary surfaces using 2D line integral convolution as basis. The results of this research are available in two real-world software suites targeted at the oil industry.


Raum Seminarraum 117, Robert-Hooke-Str. 5 in Bremen

In der Regel sind die Vorträge Teil von Lehrveranstaltungsreihen der Universität Bremen und nicht frei zugänglich. Bei Interesse wird um Rücksprache mit dem Sekretariat unter sek-ric(at)dfki.de gebeten.

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