PhD Colloquium Tao Wang

A Novel Three-Finger Dexterous Hand with Visual-Based Grasp Planning and Tactile-Based Stable Grasping

Tao Wang

Robotic manipulation is a complex field that still faces numerous challenges. One of the fundamental requirements for a robot to achieve practical applications is stable grasping. To achieve more complex and stable grasping functions, a complex end-effector, such as a dexterous hand, becomes essential hardware.

This work focuses on building a novel practical dexterous hand that can be used in robotic manipulation research. To make better use of the dexterous hand, visual-based grasp planning, and tactile-based stable grasping are necessary to form a stable grasping system. In this thesis, three crucial topics were selected and divided into three parts of the work: dexterous hand, grasp planning, and stable grasping.

The primary objective of this work has been successfully achieved with the development of DoraHand, which has been used by over twenty research institutes and companies. The algorithms developed for grasp planning and stable grasping serve as a foundation for future research in this field, while the dataset can be used as a benchmark for comprehensive robotic research. Further development is needed to explore the potential applications of the dexterous hand in robotic manipulation.

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