Overviews about the computer program CAD-2-SIM and the Japanese-German exchange program JEX

This brownbag talk is composed of two separated parts.

In the first part, the current state of the tool CAD-2-SIM is outlined: the program is capable of generating mechanism specifications programmatically in several formats. Since the initial implementation of CAD-2-SIM has taken place some time ago, the its concept is again presented to simplify the workflow for developing new mechanisms at the RIC. The talk is based on a recent presentation given for the project DROCK.

In the second part, a trip to Japan during the last week of November 2016 is reflected: In scope of the Japanese-German Exchange Program JEX, journeys are organized to strengthen the collaboration between the scientific communities in Japan and Germany. In the talk, the visited academic and industrial destinations and their activities in Service Robotics are introduced.


Raum A 1.03, Robert-Hooke-Str. 1 in Bremen

In der Regel sind die Vorträge Teil von Lehrveranstaltungsreihen der Universität Bremen und nicht frei zugänglich. Bei Interesse wird um Rücksprache mit dem Sekretariat unter sek-ric(at)dfki.de gebeten.

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