HySociaTea Project

The talk summarizes the results of the project HySociaTea (Hybrid Social Teams for Long-Term  Collaboration in Cyber-Physical Environments), which realizes and examines the collaboration of technological augmented humans with autonomous robots, virtual characters and softbots, who work together in a team to solve common tasks. In the context of Industry 4.0, an example application for these hybrid teams is the realization of a highly flexible production, in which the team can react on unplanned events by autonomous reorganization. Besides research on the technical feasibility, another key aspect of the project was the development of robotic team-competencies as well as intelligent multi-agent behavior, both of which are also important aspects in purely human teams. The technical systems developed in HySociaTea are mainly meant to be used as assistance-systems for humans working in production-plants; the robots should therefore be perceived as partners in the overall working-process. In order to realize the vision of HySociaTea, eight different research departments from all DFKI locations (Bremen, Kaiserslautern, Saarbrücken) joined their competencies.


Raum A 1.03, Robert-Hooke-Str. 1 in Bremen

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