Development of a mobile Brain Reading System

Brain Computer Interfaces and Brain Reading (BR) are systems to get insights into the human mind by processing psychophysiological data. They can be used to control devices, like e.g. robots, or augment operator support systems. One essential requirement for future BR systems is mobility, which makes the development of an mobile signal processing and pattern recognition system necessary. However, BR involves complex and computational demanding signal processing operations, which makes the development of a mobile system a difficult task. A current trend for embedded signal processing systems is the usage of reconfigurable logic devices due to their flexibility and computational power, making them the perfect candidate for mobile BR systems. Using reconfigurable logic devices in turn implicates special requirements on the signal processing methods that are used. In this talk, the current development status of a mobile BR system and the corresponding algorithms will be presented.


Raum Seminarraum 117, Robert-Hooke-Str. 5 in Bremen

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