Structural analysis and design of a micro-rover for lunar applications based on Coyote-III

Structural analysis of any arbitrary component demands a representation of the structural relevant subassemblies in a finite element mesh. For Coyote III this mesh is generated by considering the available mesh element types and their benefits in different fields of application. The quality of the representing mesh is optimized based on different mesh quality criteria.
First analyses are carried out on this baseline geometry, representing the current design of the rover. Launch specifications, describing the structural vibration loads, are retrieved for a comparable launch environment, and applied to the FE model. Following the analysis procedure described in previous talks, stress results for different rover components are obtained. To further assess these results, a postprocessing tool chain was developed.
Non-permissible stresses are located and further examined. Where required, alternative design suggestions are proposed and are to be evaluated in the further course of the work.

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