Perception thresholds and discrimination: Force feedback in an Exoskeleton-based teleoperation of a humanoid robot

To study the haptic perception of human beings and transfer the perceptional forces to a technical system like a humanoid robot, is of great interest in the field of teleoperation. Therefore, the measuring of absolute thresholds to get the minimum intensity value that becomes perceivable for the human operator and of just noticeable differences between two values during teleoperation, is very important. One main question to improve teleoperation capabilities is whether teleoperation has an effect on human perception. In this study, the focus will be on force feedback in various teleoperation tasks, single-arm as well as dual-arm using the Recupera REHA and the RH5 humanoid as interfaces. Furthermore dual-arm tasks may lead to additional coupling forces which applied due to unstable closed-loop contract. The effect of these additional forces will also be evaluated in this study.

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