Evaluation von kompakten BLDC Außenläufer-Motoren mit sensorbasierten Motorcontrollern für hohe Drehmomente bei niedrigen Drehzahlen

Electric motors for robotic applications or for electric vehicles are often required to provide a high torque at relativeley low speed. These reqiurements can often be met better by BLDC motors in an "outrunner" configuration rather than the common "inrunnner"-type.  Those motors are widely used for RC-models, but the popular back-EMF motorcontrollers lead to an inadequate starting behavior. Furthermore, important parameters to evaluate these motors are often unknown.

During this Bachelor thesis, an efficient, compact and inexpensive motive using BLDC outrunning motors with available controllers is to be examined in a test set-up. This requires a mathematical model describing the motors behavour to select the needed components accordingly. Finally a prototype is to be set up and evaluated in an existing testbed.

In der Regel sind die Vorträge Teil von Lehrveranstaltungsreihen der Universität Bremen und nicht frei zugänglich. Bei Interesse wird um Rücksprache mit dem Sekretariat unter sek-ric(at)dfki.de gebeten.

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