Applying heuristic search strategies to plan with re-configurable multi-robot systems

Reconfigurable robots can physically merge to create dynamic robotic systems, leading to additional degrees of freedom. Temporal Planning for Reconfigurable Multi-Robot Systems (TemPl) is a constrained-based mission planner for reconfigurable multi-robot systems which introduces a mission description as a generalisation of the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP). The scalability of the planning approach currently used by TemPl is limited. To tackle this limitation, this thesis aims to explore and evaluate the use of heuristic search strategies such as Tabu Search or Very Large Neighbourhood Search (VLNS) which could possibly optimise the planner. The comparison of different heuristic search strategies will be based on criterias such as distance travelled, operation time, consumed energy, safety, etc.

In this presentation, the problem, current state of the art, and criteras for evaluation of different heuristic search strategies will be discussed.

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