B-Human 2017 - Team Tactics and Robot Skills in the Standard Platform League
Thomas Röfer, Tim Laue, Arne Hasselbring, Jesse Richter-Klug, Enno Röhrig
In RoboCup 2017: Robot World Cup XXI, (RoboCup-2017), 25.7.-31.7.2017, Nagoya, Springer, series Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, volume 11175, pages 461-472, 2018.

Zusammenfassung (Abstract) :

The team B-Human won the main competition and, together with the team HULKs, the Mixed Team Competition in the RoboCup Standard Platform League 2017. In this paper, we argue that in the current state of the league, the development of sophisticated robot behaviors makes a difference between the top teams, while other abilities such as perception, modeling, and motion have been solved to a similar degree by the different top teams. We describe our general tactical approaches for the main competition as well as for the Mixed Team competition. In addition and as an example for a behavior-related robot skill, we present our approach to realtime path planning for humanoid robots with limited processing power.



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