Modular Payload-Items for Payload-assembly and System Enhancement for Future Planetary Missions
Wiebke Brinkmann, Florian Cordes, Thomas M. Roehr, Leif Christensen, Tobias Stark, Roland Sonsalla, Roman Szczuka, Niklas Alexander Mulsow, Felix Bernhard, Daniel Kuehn
In Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE Aerospace Conference, 03.3.-10.3.2018, Big Sky, Montana, IEEE, Mar/2018.

Zusammenfassung (Abstract) :

This paper describes the development and verification of immobile modular compatible and combinable payloaditems, which can serve as multi-purpose containers in future robotic missions. The core payload-item is a cube-shaped container (154 mm x 154 mm x 154 mm) with a rigid internal frame with easily detachable side panels; its main features are two electromechanical interfaces (EMIs), one on the top and one on the bottom. Several payload-items were developed to realize an adaption of the robots according to mission requirements; a battery module in order to extend the power capacity of robots and/or to allow the creation of standalone sensor modules, a camera assembly for observation purposes, a DGPS module to provide a high precision positional reference sensor (in earth bound test scenarios), and a device for collecting soil samples. Along with the design and development of the payload-items and the associated modules, this paper presents the conducted tests and experiments in laboratory and field environments, deploying the integrated modules with the rover systems. The lessons learned as based on these experiments are given within the paper as well as an outlook to further developments and utilization of the modular payload-items.



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