Mechanical, thermal, data and power transfer types for robotic space interfaces for orbital and planetary missions - a technical review
Wiebke Wenzel, Roberto Palazzetti, Xiu T. Yan, Sebastian Bartsch
In 14th Symposium on Advanced Space Technologies in Robotics and Automation, (ASTRA-2017), 20.6.-22.6.2017, Leiden, o.A., 2017.

Zusammenfassung (Abstract) :

A wide variety of scientific aims have been formulated for future explorations of space and planets. In order to achieve these aims, a need for robotic systems and mission set-ups with increasing complexity arises. The H2020 EU-funded project SIROM (Standard Interface for Robotic Manipulation of Payloads in Future Space Missions), aims to realize an integrated interface for mechanical, data, electrical and thermal connectivity that allows a reliable, robust and multi-functional coupling. The present paper reports an overview of classifications of power, data and mechanical interfaces and thermal transfer methods in current robotic and space applications. Eventually, the paper presents ideas for innovation and development of standard multi-functional interface with the most promising developments expected in the next few years.

Stichworte :

Multifunctional Interface, Robotic Space Interface, Transfer Classifications in Space, Modularity



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