SherpaTT – First Experiences with the Hardware
Florian Cordes
series DFKI Documents, volume 15-03, Sep/2015. DFKI GmbH.

Zusammenfassung (Abstract) :

SherpaTT is part of a team of heterogeneous robots developed in the project TransTerrA. The slides of the talk provided here give a first glimpse at the integrated hardware of the robot. During August 2015 the robot’s locomotion system was electromechanically integrated, this presentation subsumes the first two weeks of experiences working with the actual hardware of the system. The motion control system (MCS) was already set up and tested in simulation prior to the hardware integration. Setting up the software for the robot’s hardware worked flawlessly. Hence qualitative verification of kinematics calculations, forward control of basic functions such as body attitude control was possible to conduct in a short time frame. Future work in terms of the very next steps is provided at the end of the presentation. This includes the very next step of setting the active ground adaption to work on the hardware system.



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