Equipping industrial deep-sea manipulators with a sense of touch
Peter Kampmann, Timo Stoffregen, Frank Kirchner
In Proceedings of the Oceans'15 MTS/IEEE Washington Conference & Exhibition, At Washington D.C., (OCEANS-15), 19.10.-22.10.2015, Washington D.C., MTS/IEEE, 2015.

Zusammenfassung (Abstract) :

Tactile manipulation underwater is a topic that is still mainly implemented in research. To change the situation, a drop-in replacement for the jaw gripper of an industrial deepsea manipulator is developed that is equipped with tactile sensing elements. Special focus has been paid on the robustness of the tactile sensing elements to operate under the harsh environmental conditions during offshore operations. This paper discusses the system design and the sensor performance of the deveveloped gripper module.





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