Control of Flexible Link Manipulator
Ajish Babu
In Proceedings of the RIC Project Day "Framework & Standardization" and "Manipulation & Control", 19.6.2014, Selbstverlag, Bremen, series DFKI Documents, volume 14-03 , number 14-03, pages 67-75, Jun/2014. DFKI GmbH. ISBN: ISSN 0946-0098.

Zusammenfassung (Abstract) :

Light-weight robot design have a certain degree of flexibility, which in turn introduces unwanted vibrations. This talk introduces different methods of vibration attenuation, combining feed-forward and feedback techniques. Feed-forward compensation based on Input Shaping and feedback control based on Strain gauges and Inertial Measurement Unit are used. The effectiveness of these controllers are studied using a two-link manipulator test setup.

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