Processing of mobile Multi-Agent Systems with a Code-based Agent Platform in Material-integrated Distributed Sensor Networks
Stefan Bosse
In Proceedings of the 1st International Electronic Conference on Sensors and Applications, (ECSA-2014), 1.6.-16.6.2014, o.O., o.A., pages 1-7, 2014.

Zusammenfassung (Abstract) :

Multi-agent systems (MAS) can be used for a decentralized and self-organizing approach of data processing in a distributed system like a sensor network, enabling Information extraction, for example, based on pattern recognition, decomposing complex tasks in simpler cooperative agents. MAS-based data processing approaches can aid the material-Integration of Structural-Health-Monitoring applications, with agent processing platforms scaled to microchip level. A behaviour model suitable for distributed sensor network operations bases on an activity-transition graph (ATG) and is implemented in this work with program code holding the control and data state of an agent, which can be modified by the agent itself using code morphing techniques, and which is capable to migrate in the Network between nodes. The program code is a self contained unit (a container) and embeds the Agent data, the initialization instructions, and the ATG implementation. The microchip agent processing platform used for the execution of the agent code is a pipelined multi-stack virtual machine with a zero-operand instruction format, leading to small sized agent program code, low system complexity, and high system performance.

Stichworte :

distributed computing,multi-agent system,senor networks

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