Integration of Fiber-Optic Sensor Arrays into a Multi-Modal Tactile Sensor Processing System for Robotic End-Effectors
Peter Kampmann, Frank Kirchner
In Sensors - Open Access Journal, MDPI - Open Access Publishing, volume 14 - Special Issue Tactile Sensors and Sensing Systems, number 4, pages 6854-6876, Apr/2014.

Zusammenfassung (Abstract) :

With the increasing complexity of robotic missions and the development towards long-term autonomous systems, the need for multi-modal sensing of the environment increases. Until now, the use of tactile sensor systems has been mostly based on sensing one modality of forces in the robotic end-effector. The use of a multi-modal tactile sensory system is motivated, which combines static and dynamic force sensor arrays together with an absolute force measurement system. This publication is focused on the development of a compact sensor interface for a fiber-optic sensor array, as optic measurement principles tend to have a bulky interface. Mechanical, electrical and software approaches are combined to realize an integrated structure that provides decentralized data pre-processing of the tactile measurements. Local behaviors are implemented using this setup to show the effectiveness of this approach.

Stichworte :

multi-modal tactile sensing; tactile sensor processing; local pre-processing




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