Design of Material-embedded Distributed Data Processing Platforms with Mobile Multi-Agent Systems in Heterogeneous Networks
Stefan Bosse
In Proceedings of the ICAART 2014, International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence, (ICAART), 06.3.-08.3.2014, Angers, o.A., 2014.

Zusammenfassung (Abstract) :

Trends are recently emerging in engineering and microsystem applications such as the development of sensorial materials (Lang, 2011) show a growing demand for distributed autonomous sensor networks of miniaturized low-power smart sensors embedded in technical structures (Pantke, 2011). These sensor networks are used for sensorial perception or structural health monitoring, employed, for example in Cyber-Physical-Systems (CPS), and perform the monitoring and control of complex physical processes using applicationsrunning on dedicated execution platforms in a resource-constrained manner under real-time processing and technical failure constraints. To reduce the impact of such embedded sensorial systems on mechanical structure properties, single microchip sensor nodes (in mm3 range) are preferred. Realtime constraints require parallel data processing inadequately provided by software based systems. Multi-agent systems can be used for a decentralized and self-organizing approach of data processing in a distributed system like a sensor network (Guijarro, 2008), enabling information extraction, for example based on pattern recognition (Zhao, 2008), and by decomposing complex tasks in simpler cooperative agents.

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