MINOAS a Marine Inspection Robotic Assistant: system requirements and design
Massimo Caccia, Renato Robino, William Bateman, Markus Eich, Alberto Ortiz, Leonidas Drikos, Albena Todorova, Ioanis Gaviotis, Francesco Spadoni, Vassiliki Apostolopoulou
In Proceedings of the IFAC Symposium on Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles, (IAV-10), 06.9.-09.9.2010, Lecce, o.A., Sep/2010.

Zusammenfassung (Abstract) :

This paper is part of an invited session overviewing EC funded projects concerning cooperative robotic systems in the marine-maritime field. A presentation of the project Marine INspection rObotic Assistant System (MINOAS) is given. It proposes the re-engineering of the overall vessel inspection methodology, by introducing an innovative system concept that integrates human personnel with high locomotion enabled robots, effectively tele-porting the human inspector from the vessel's hold to a control room with virtual reality properties. Project motivations, requirements and basic architecture are discussed as well as the locomotion techniques which will be evaluated, if necessary, through prototyping of ad-hoc mobile robots.

Stichworte :

Cooperative mobile robots, maritime robotics

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