A Free-Climbing Robot for Steep Crater Terrain
Dirk Spenneberg, Frank Kirchner
In Robotics and Automation in Space, (iSAIRAS), 25.2.-29.2.2008, Los Angeles, CA, ESA, 2008.

Zusammenfassung (Abstract) :

The goal of the "SpaceClimber" project is the development of a biologically inspired, energy-efficient and adaptively free-climbing robot for steep slopes. This project builds on the experience of the ARAMIES project and the SCORPION project. SpaceClimber should prove that walking robotic systems present a solution for future missions on difficult terrain, in particular missions in craters or rock fissures. The robotic system that we intend to develop should be able to conquer irregular slopes of up to 80% and should be in a position to navigate with local autonomy using built-in sensors.

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