Region of Attraction Estimation for Free-Floating Systems under Time-Varying LQR Control
Lasse Shala, Shubham Vyas, Mohamed Khalil Ben-Larbi, Shivesh Kumar, Enrico Stoll
In Proceedings of the 2024 CEAS EuroGNC conference, (EuroGNC-2024), 11.6.-13.6.2024, Bristol, CEAS, Jun/2024. CEAS.

Zusammenfassung (Abstract) :

Future Active Debris Removal (ADR) and On Orbit Servicing (OOS) missions demand for elaboratclosed-loopop controllers. Feasible control architectures should take into consideration the inherent coupling of the free floating dynamics and the kinematics of the system. Recently, Time-Varying Linear Quadratic Regulators (TVLQR) have been used to stabilize underactuated systems that exhibit a similar kinodynamic coupling. Furthermore, this control approach integrates synergistically with Lyapunov based region of attraction (ROA) estimation, which, in the context of ADR and OOS, allows for reasoning about composability of different sub-maneuvers. In this paper, TVLQR was used to stabilize an ADR detumbling maneuver in simulation. Moreover, the ROA of the closed loop dynamics was estimated using a probabilistic method. In order to demonstrate the real-world applicability for free floating robots, further experiments were conducted onboard a free floating testbed.

Stichworte :

Active Debris Removal; Space Robots; Region of Attraction; Time-Varying LQR; Free-Floating Robot Control




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