FUSE - using artificial intelligencein the energy grid of tomorrow
Thomas Vögele, Christian Backe, Miguel Bande Firvida, Peter Conradi, Petri Hovila, Kimmo Kauhaniemi, Haresh Kumar, Timo Kyntäjä, Matti Rita-Kasari, Muhammad Shafiq, Stefan Werner, Christian Wiezorek
In CIRED - Open Access Proceedings Journal, 22.9.-23.9.2020, Berlin, IET, pages 466-468, 2020. The Institution of Engineering and Technology IET. ISBN: 978-1-83953-214-6.

Zusammenfassung (Abstract) :

The objective of Future Smart Energy (FUSE), a Finnish-German research and development project, is to develop methods based on artificial intelligence (AI) that will help to increase the resilience of future energy distribution grids. The use cases that are investigated include both condition monitoring/predictive maintenance, and distributed demand-side management in medium-voltage and low-voltage grids. The FUSE concept foresees a hierarchical infrastructure of sensing-and data processing nodes that use AI to transform raw data into information on asset and grid status and performance. FUSE supports the upward flow of data and aggregation of information into high-level visualisations for grid operators, as well as the downward flow of soft control signals that trigger the distributed self-control of assets. This study outlines the FUSE concept and presents the first results.



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