Characterization and Capture of Space Debris Objects Using Domain Ontology and Optimal Control
Marko Jankovic
Universität Bremen, Bremen, Germany, Apr/2022. Universität Bremen.

Zusammenfassung (Abstract) :

This dissertation provides solutions to the active debris removal (ADR) research domain. More specifically it contributes to the initial mission planning as well as to the close-range rendezvous and capture phase of an ADR mission. The first contribution of the thesis consists out of a domain-ontology specifically developed for ADR with an aim to provide a standardized, machine-interpretable knowledge representation framework. This framework is capable not only of efficiently storing complex information but also inferring the most suited ADR capture method(s) for an object from its minimal set of parameters. The second contribution of the thesis is to provide an optimization-based motion planner of a spacecraft equipped with a manipulator, a space robot. The purpose of the planner is to to facilitate an autonomous capture of an uncooperative, rapidly tumbling target by means of a space robot. This is achieved by taking the advantage of the particular dynamics of the space robot and an appropriate partial attitude synchronization strategy.

Stichworte :

space debris, active debris removal, ontology, motion planner, optimal control, python, matlab


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