AI-Perspectives: an editorial
Frank Kirchner
In AI Perspectives, Springer International Publishing, volume 1/2019, pages 1-2, Sep/2019.

Zusammenfassung (Abstract) :

In this journal we will have to discuss the many challenges and applications that AI in the time of increasing -computational- resources can achieve, how can it be applied and what the consequences of its application are. We will have to discuss about the feedback to basic AI research that is provided by the application of an AI-algorithm or concept to a given and real problem. Furthermore, we will have to debate on how we got used to hearing yet another story on yet another ‘successful’ application of AI to yet another a problem instead we must discuss the question how can we focus on carving out what exactly have we learned from this application, what new fundamental questions have been revealed by this application and does the application provide new insights for basic research. In other words, we will have to discuss about measures of success for the useful application of AI to real world problems and this journal shall be the place to have these discussions.




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