Development of a Control Software for a Planetary Exploration Robot with ESROCOS
Malte Wirkus, Moritz Schilling, Benjamin Kisliuk
In Proceedings of the 15th Symposium on Advanced Space Technologies in Robotics and Automation (ASTRA 2019), (ASTRA-2019), 27.5.-28.5.2019, Noordwijk, European Space Agency (ESA), 2019.

Zusammenfassung (Abstract) :

ESROCOS is a H2020 research project and the name of an open-source software system for the development of robotics software, which was created during the project. It provides a model-driving development workflow targeting especially the space robotics domain by focusing on the creation of applications with stringent $\$ac{RAMS} requirements. ESROCOS comprises of different tools with TASTE as the core technology. To validate the project results, a one-week test campaign has been carried out in September 2018. During the test campaign, a control application for a planetary exploration rover was integrated on a space rover prototype. In this paper, we explain the control application and the features of ESROCOS relevant for its realization. From the experience of the validation test, we discuss the suitability and usability of the ESROCOS tools for the given task with the motivation to provide ideas for further improvement.



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