• Research and Development

    Research and Development

  • Space Robotics

    Space Robotics

    Development of intelligent robots for extraterrestrial exploration

  • Search and Rescue (SAR) & Security Robotics

    Search and Rescue (SAR) & Security Robotics

    Embedding of robot systems into existing rescue and security infrastructures

  • Electric Mobility

    Electric Mobility

    Electric vehicles, battery charge technologies and the collection of vehicle data

  • Maritime Robotics

    Maritime Robotics

    Manipulation and navigation underwater


The Robotics Innovation Center (RIC) belongs to the Bremen location of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI GmbH). Headed by Prof. Dr. Frank Kirchner, here scientists develop robot systems to be used for complex tasks on land, under water, in the air, and in space. The RIC closely cooperates with the Robotics Group at the University of Bremen.

The DFKI, based in Kaiserslautern, Saarbrücken, Bremen and leading a project office in Berlin is the world's largest research center in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

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Latest Projects

Internal Logistics with Automated Autonomous Delivery and...
Logistics, Production and Consumer  
Sustainable protection and improvement of soil functions...
Logistics, Production and Consumer   Agricultural Robotics  
Intelligent Human-Robot Collaboration
Logistics, Production and Consumer  
Models, methods and tools for the model based software...
Logistics, Production and Consumer   SAR- & Security Robotics   Underwater Robotics   Space Robotics  

Latest Robotsystems

Space Robotics  SAR- & Security Robotics  Underwater Robotics 
Multi-legged Manipulation and Locomotion System
Space Robotics  SAR- & Security Robotics  Logistics, Production and Consumer 
Semi Autonomous Micro Rover for Underwater Applications
Space Robotics  Underwater Robotics 
A semi-automatic inspection unit for unterwater structures
Underwater Robotics 

Latest Softwaretools

Robot Construction Kit
Behavior Optimization and Learning for Robots
Node Level Data Link Communication
Maja Machine Learning Framework

Latest Videos

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