Modern Robot Control Architectures, robot design, learning methods and biological basis for autonomous robots: The courses for the University Robotics Group and the DFKI Robotics Innovation Center, headed by Prof. Dr. Frank Kirchner revolve around robotics. They are aimed at students of the University of Bremen from the fields of computer science, systems engineering, electrical engineering and information technology.

We also supervise bachelor's and master's theses, advanced topics we announce regularly online. For our staff, students and graduates, we offer special seminars. The PhD students seminar will be held in the form of Brown Bag Talks.


Directly to the courses of the current semester:
Summerterm 2020 and ongoing students project


Talk overview of the Brown Bag Talks, the Graduated Studen's Lectures and the Journal Club.

Doctoral Thesis

We regulary advertise topics for doctoral thesis which you can find at the career subsection doctoral thesis.

Study Program University Bremen

Study Program





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