Advanced AI - Quantum Computing

The team “Quantum Computing” brings together DFKI researchers with a strong background in physics and academic quantum-computing research teams at the universities of Saarland, Kaiserslautern, and Bremen in order to define a research agenda around “AI in Quantum Computing”. The goal is to establish foundations for cloud-based quantum computing in robotics, in particular in order to solve problems regarding memory consolidation, or to enable the internal simulation of possible action sequences. In addition, the team uses statistics and logic coupled with AI uncertainty methods that allow for extracting quantum-computing results, and help develop applications that can deal with the inherent uncertainty in quantum computing. The team also works on methods, tools and related design approaches in order to develop and verify both hardware and software for quantum computing. Understanding and contributing to post-quantum cryptography is critical to ensure the safety of AI systems and the longtime security of data stored in and used by AI systems.

Team lead: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Frank Kirchner

last updated 08.07.2019
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