Advanced AI - Human-Centered Interaction

The Human-Centered Interaction team is concerned with the interaction between humans and robots. The focus is on observing, analyzing, and modeling human behavior to create a better understanding of how humans interact with other humans, machines, and their environment. These insights will be used to make interaction between humans and robots more agile, natural, and safe, and to enable largely autonomous and self-adaptive interaction in multi-robot constellations.

To better understand human interaction, behavioral data from different modalities is used, such as movement data, images/video sequences, EEG, EMG, speech, or facial expressions. The focus is on developing and improving current artificial intelligence and machine learning methods to recognize and model the parts of human behavior that are important for interaction. This enables the creation of adaptable cognitive models for long-term human-robot interaction. In collaboration with other scientific teams, these cognitive models are validated in different interaction scenarios and on different robotic embodiments.

Team lead: Lisa Gutzeit, Dr. Teena Hassan

last updated 28.06.2022
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