LDC elektronik stack (photo: Annemarie Popp, DFKI)
Actuators integrated in the leg structure of a walking robot (photo: DFKI)

Backbones - Hardware Backbone

The "Hardware Backbone" team develops the hardware of the robotic systems together with the application-oriented teams (Applied AI) and at the same time bundles the findings from the various application fields. In terms of expertise, the team is divided into the areas of mechanical design and electronics design. In the area of mechanical design, the components of the mechatronic systems that serve as the basis for autonomous robots are developed. Consistent lightweight design is a fundamental paradigm of mobile autonomous systems. To realize highly dynamic lightweight structures, the team relies on innovative manufacturing processes and new materials.

The electronic circuit design is strongly focused on the requirements of the respective application. The goal is to find the optimal solution in each case depending on operating conditions such as pressure, temperature, radiation exposure and other influences. In addition, the focus is on the demand for energy efficiency, robustness and computing power in artificial intelligence-based technologies. For the realization of hardware-related software development, the team relies on the use of current computer architectures and programmable logic.

Last but not least, a continuous further development of existing modules takes place in this team. Important aspects are a modular design, the compliance with technical standards as well as the verification and documentation of research results.

team leader: Christian Schoo, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Wiebke Brinkmann

last updated 10.06.2022
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