Security robot

Technical Details

Weight: 7 kg
Power supply: 28V/ 6Ah NiMH battery
Speed: 3,6 km/h
Actuation/ Engine:
4 DC 24V motor
4 radar sensors,
4 passive infrared sensors,
Hokuyo URG laserscanner,
pan-tilt color-camera

Organisational Details

Application Field: SAR- & Security Robotics
Related Projects: SentryBot
An Autonomous, Co-Operative Multi-Robot System for Security and Surveillance (11.2006- 05.2007)
SentryBot II
An Autonomous, Co-Operative Multi-Robot System for Security and Surveillance (06.2007- 12.2007)
This system is not actively used anymore.

System description

Source: Markus Eich, DFKI

The SentryBot Indoor is a mobile security robot, which is able to patrol autonomously in indoor environments. With its security-related application sensors, the system is able to detect movement of persons and trigger an alarm. To achieve this, the robot is equipped with a pan-tilt camera, four passiv infrared sensors and four radar sensors. The latter is able to detect movements of people within a distance of 12 meters, even through walls. Additionally, the robot uses a laser range finder to navigate autonomously and to generate an obstacle map of its environment.

This autonomous navigation enables the robot to reach a re-charging station without user interference and therefore provides the robot with 24h operating time. The SentryBot Indoor robot is the first step to a heterogeneous multi-robot system, which, in future, will be able to fulfill security missions in co-operation with security personnel (mixed human robot teams). For this task, the focus is on seamless integration into existing security systems and concepts.

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