A semi-automatic inspection unit for unterwater structures

CSurvey (Photo: ATLAS Elektronik)

Technical Details

Size: Lenght: 650 mm, Diameter: 300 mm
Weight: 37 kg
Power supply: 24 V Gleichstrom vom Trägerfahrzeug
Actuation/ Engine:
Motors: Two brush-type DC motors for panning and tilting of the sensor head
TriTech Gemini imaging sonar for environment sensing at greater distances and in very murky waters
Prosilica GigE camera
Laser line projector (532 nm DPSS laser with
150 mW optical output) for distance measurements and object scanning with the camera system
Two integrated computer systems (low coltage Core 2 duo CPU): One for control and sensor processing, plus one to allow experiments with demanding computing time

Organisational Details

Application Field: Underwater Robotics
This system is not actively used anymore.

System description

CSurvey (Photo: ATLAS Elektronik)

CSurvey is a semi-automatioc inspection unit for underwater structures  and ship hulls. For the inspection task multimodal sensor data are classified by machine learning methods. The sensor data are generated by a camera system, a laser projection unit and a multi-beam echo sounder. CSurvey is a flexible system which can be mounted on different host systems and can be adapted to several operation scenarios. It is intended to be the basis for many applications and products in the area of underwater inspection. Furthermore, it can be used in diverse areas such as production, logistics or security.



Der CSurvey-Sensorkopf

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last updated 22.02.2023
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