Advanced Security Guard V2

Technical Details

Size: 95 cm x 54 cm x 42 cm
Weight: 9,5 kg
Power supply: 10Ah / 30V
Speed: 2 m/sec
Actuation/ Engine:
4 x 80 watts Faulhaber dc motors – planetary gear 46:1
Motor encoders, Current sensors
Application Sensors:
Zoom- and IR-camera

Organisational Details

Application Field: SAR- & Security Robotics
Related Projects: TRAILER
Tandem of Rover and Associated Wain for Lunar Extended Roaming (09.2019- 08.2021)
SentryBot II
An Autonomous, Co-Operative Multi-Robot System for Security and Surveillance (06.2007- 12.2007)
Related Software: MARS
Machina Arte Robotum Simulans

System description

Asguard on our Robot Testtrack (Photo: DFKI)
Photo: DFKI

For outdoor locomotion of mobile robots, one has to cope with different requirements for such systems. These robots have to be highly agile and fast on flat ground and, at the same time, should be able to deal with very rough terrain, e.g. rubble, gravel, and even stairs.

This is particularly true for robots which are used for surveillance and search and rescue missions (SAR) in outdoor environment as well as for robots for remote inspection, such as CBRNE detection in crises situations. Tracked robots are currently regarded as the best trade-off between high velocity and mobility in rough terrain. Those systems have the drawback of high energy consumption due to friction and are generally not able to climb stairs or very steep slopes.

The two other locomotion modes are legged robots (as for instance Scorpion), which are very agile but lack speed and the classical wheeled systems. To get the best of both those modes, we developed the hybrid legged-wheeled robot ASGUARD (cf. Figure 1). The robot was designed to be used in harsh outdoor environment with a focus on security and outdoor surveillance as well as on disaster mitigation missions. For those applications, a robot has to transport a variety of mission-depending application sensors inside a difficult terrain.

ASGUARD can climb stairs by using an adaptive, bio-inspired control approach. With the same controller configuration, the robot can traverse flat and even ground with high speed.

In further iterations, ASGUARD has been provided with a custom-made high-performance motor controllers that would help improving its capabilities even more.


ASGUARD v2: Exkursion (Juni 2008)

ASGUARD überwindet verschiedene Hindernisse auf einem Ausflug in Potsdam.

ASGUARD v2: Intelligente Mobilität (Final Promotion)

Finales Promotion Video von Asguard v2 im iMoby Projekt.

ASGUARD v2: Erste Wasserfahrt

ASGUARD II schwimmt zum ersten Mal im Teich des DFKI Bremen. Der Roboter ASGUARD II (Advanced Secrurity Guard) ist eine hochmobile Plattform, die sich schnell auf flachem Terrain fortbewegt, Hindernisse überwindet und Treppen hinaufklettert. Dieser Roboter wird von vier Rädern angetrieben und einen Körper mit passivem Freiheitsgrad.

ASGUARD v2: Outdoor-Testfahrt

ASGUARD II runs over a variety of obstacles and climb stairs. The The ASGUARD II (Advanced Security Guard) robot is a highly mobile platform that can move fast on flat terrain, overcome obstacles and climb stairs. This robot is actuated by four wheels and has a body with a passive degree of freedom. The obstacles in this video are part of the robot test track that was built at the DFKI building in Bremen.

ASGUARD v2: Schneefahrt

ASGUARD unterwegs im Schnee.

ASGUARD v2: Unterwassergang

In diesem Video läuft Asguard Unterwasser durch einen Teich. Das Gewicht des Roboters wurde dazu extra um 3kg erhöht.


Photos: DFKI GmbH, two photos b.r.: Photostudio Banck

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